A Whiplash injury occurs when the head is suddenly forced beyond the normal limits of motion. Any sudden stop of your body that forcefully snaps your head backwards, or sideways, can severely injure your neck’s soft tissues, muscle ligaments, tendons, and nerves, as well as the vertebrae.

In a Whiplash injury, the supportive soft tissues in your neck are often over stretched or torn, and spinal joints can become misaligned. Which could cause anything from dizziness and pain, to loss of strength, and limited movement.

Chiropractic care can relieve the symptoms of Whiplash, and can often prevent the cervical spine from developing serious problems later on in life.

Most people associate Whiplash injuries with car accidents. In a rear end collision, the neck muscles violently snap the head forward, then an immediate reflex propels the head backwards. Whiplash type injuries can also occur from being pushed from behind, a bad fall, or even a violent sneeze.

Following an injiry, you need a Chiropractic exam to be sure that serious damage has not occurred.