Most people are wasting time and effort trying to lose weight simply because they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO BURN THE FAT.

Come to one of Seminars and learn HOW THE BODY BURNS FAT.

Our Seminars take you way beyond just dieting as there are many factors to the hormone-influences of weight loss. Did you know there are over 600 hormones in your body? And out of the 600 hormones, around 6 of them are responsible for burning fat. And each of these 6 is influenced by foods, exercise, sleep, and stress. The goal is to use all of these factors to fit the body type.

Skeptical? Sound too good to be true?

You need to be skeptical. This is a healthy thing. There is so much garbage being promoted that it’s hard to sift through the good from the bad. Our seminar is not a sales pitch to get you to buy the latest weight loss pill – it’s a valuable educational experience in creating health so you can lose weight. If it makes sense to you and you decide you want a consultation on your specific program, it’s up to you – no pressure.

Why our seminar can help you

Let’s assume you are doing everything right – your eating is perfect and your exercise is consistent and correct for your body type. What else should you look for? I first check on anything that could be increasing cortisol – lack of sleep, pain in the body, stressful environment, or even hot flashes. I’ll have the person work on these. I will also look at the medication they are on, as this could be the main reason they are not able to lose weight. And by the way, check with your doctor before coming off the meds.

The medications that cause weight gain are as follows:

  1. Insulin
  2. Prednisone
  3. Hormonal Replacement Therapy and Birth Control Pills
  4. Diuretics
  5. High Blood Pressure Meds
  6. High Cholesterol Meds
  7. Especially Psychiatric Medication – Prozac, Zoloft, etc.

Then I make sure there are NO sugar, alcohols, or artificial sweeteners in the diet, which cause major water weight accumulation. I try to find out what problem the individual is trying to solve with regard to the medication. It might be a hot flash or some inflammation or depression. Other barriers could be flavored yogurt, sugar in salad dressing. MSG in restaurant foods, or too many occasional junk foods. The person will tell me, “It’s just a little bit.” But that little bit is enough to prevent the whole thing from happening.

Your Immune System, Viruses and Stress

Viruses, interestingly, are not alive. They could be compared to a floppy disk with pre-programmed instructions. They lie dormant until they can be injected into the cell, like inserting a floppy disk into the computer drive. Viruses become alive or active when your cells allow them to come through the door. They can be inserted into your cells when your resistance to viruses becomes weakened.

Viruses depend on your cells for their life force. They can only reproduce off your cellular material. All a virus has is the blueprint, or a copy of the blueprint, to reproduce, nothing else. The copy machine is in your cells. Viruses have NO power over you unless your cells give them access to the copy machine.

You can never fully kill viruses because they are not alive in the first place. They instead go into inactive mode or what is called remission.

So, what is the real cause of this problem?


If you keep your immune system strong, no viruses can penetrate.

What is the immune system? It is the body’s defense mechanism against disease, infection and foreign substances. It is composed of several organs and glands: the liver (deactivation of immune cells), bone marrow (producer of immune cells), the thymus (training camp for white blood cells), the adrenals (anti-inflammation and immune cell effects), the spleen (immune cell recycling center), and the lymph nodes (location where it all happens).

One of the things that lowers cell resistance is SUGAR. That is the worst thing to consume when you’re feeling run-down. But what do we give children when they’re sick or in the hospital? Jell-O, ice cream, etc.